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1 Gerard Van Damme BoomBelgiŽ
Strong Points: High quality of, the website of the day, the email notification to the webmaster of the site of the day, the election of the klup portal of the month and the klup guide in the spotlight. Guide of: ceramics

2 Hans Udo MaarssenNederland
Strong Points: Afbeelding en omschrijving bij links. Reason to become a klup guide: Anderen interesseren voor modelbouw en WW2. Guide of: military-modelling

3 Nico AmsterdamNederland
4 SionOosterhoutNederland
Strong Points: The use of databases and the flexibility of Reason to become a klup guide: The fact that articles, polls and extensive databases can be used. Guide of: holocaust, mesothelioma Tutor of: realestate, ceramics, world-cities, news, mesothelioma, military-modelling

5 Stella Espitia CaliColombia
Guide of: models